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Documentaries, Reality-styled Content. Animations.

The filmmaking process is the core of all the productions we perform. Stories are told, and audiences are engaged.

RS Media has created EPK content for Dreamworks and filmed stories for CBSVH1, HBO, Lifetime, The History Channel, NatGeo, and Spike TV, and others.

We've also concepted and created an animation series that airs on PBS stations in the southeast and super-charged podcasts with mini-doc content ... and we have one full-length independent film and another indie film in pre-production (Within the Skin)

RSM's services encompass a wide range of activities necessary to bring projects from conception to completion, including pre-production planning, storyboarding, location scouting, casting, camera work, lighting, sound recording, editing, and additional post-production work.

Filmmaking production services require a high level of creativity, technical expertise, and attention to detail.

From brainstorming creative concepts to bringing them to life on the screen, the team at RS Media works seamlessly together to ensure that every aspect of your story is captured and brought to life in the most compelling and visually stunning way possible.

Expect the best.


We're there with you.

A Cinematic Approach Has Place in Most Any Production


Top 10 Things to Know about Documentaries, Reality Content, and Animations

  • Documentaries bring real-life stories to the forefront, showcasing human experiences in a natural and authentic way that can be both educational and emotionally powerful.

  • Reality-styled content invites viewers to be a part of the story, immersing them in real-world situations and providing an unfiltered look at the lives of others.

  • Animations offer a limitless canvas for creative storytelling, allowing for imaginative worlds and characters that can capture the imaginations and emotions of audiences of all ages.

  • Documentaries can bring attention to important social and environmental issues, shining a light on injustices and inspiring action and change.

  • Reality-styled content can offer an escape from reality, providing an entertaining and often humorous look at the lives of others.

  • Animations can transport viewers to new and exciting worlds, inviting them to be a part of epic adventures and emotional journeys.

  • Documentaries can provide a deeper understanding of different cultures and perspectives, bridging divides and promoting empathy and compassion.

  • Reality-styled content can offer a glimpse into the lives of celebrities and public figures, giving fans an inside look at the personalities behind the fame.

  • Animations can appeal to both children and adults, offering entertainment and storytelling that audiences of all ages can enjoy.

  • Documentaries, reality-styled content, and animations all offer unique and engaging ways to tell stories, connecting audiences to the people, places, and ideas that shape our world.

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